dont gamble


As someone who started in 1988 learning a system called M.A.C.S. I can tell you there have been many concerns over the decades. But in 2014 we saw announcements that we all should all not gamble the importance of:

• Effective June 30, 2015 JDA will end code support for the HP3000.

• JDA will continue making PCI changes to the product as long as it is required and the software design can support the modification.

• JDA will no longer make code enhancements that are not ‘Client Funded’ = (i.e. $$)

• JDA announced Open Systems would be supported for ‘at least six more years’

So what happens at the end of six years?

This change in direction from JDA last summer might have you questioning the next step for your business and technology. Add to that the numerous security breaches throughout 2014 and you may also be having PCI concerns about your legacy system.

But do I stay on Ecometry or do I shop for a new system? Who can help me answer this question? Odin Technologies can provide you with independent, third party help so you can have the peace of mind and direction you need.

Please feel free to contact us. Your answer may be only a phone call away.


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