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Does April 8, 2014, mean anything for your company? Well, Ecometry customers still on the HP3000 are faced with a new issue of an aging system. Currently, old MPE users can connect to the HP3000 by:

  • MiniSoft

  • Reflections

  • Visual Link

Many Ecometry customers bought into the Visual Link solution from Ecometry (Escalate Retail, Red Prarie, JDA) because it was cheaper and allowed you to use your mouse to move your cursor from field to field. Fast forward to 2014 and old Ecometry users are now faced with an interesting situation. If they are using Visual Link as their main way to connect to the system;

  • JDA has verified that they do not officially support running Visual Link for MPE on Windows 7. They state it will only run on XP machines.

  • Microsoft has declared April 8, 2014, as the end of support for XP. That means no more security releases!

So if you stay on Win XP to run Visual Link, you take a major risk of a security issue one day in the future (malware). But if you upgrade all your machines to Win 7 (or 8), then Visual Link may not run! What are you doing?

As of this writing, no user has submitted an MSR to JDA, asking for Visual Link for MPE to be upgraded to run on Windows 7. So we have no idea what price tag that entails.

Are you in this situation? If so, what are your plans for MPE/Visual Link and getting off of Windows XP?

SIDE NOTE – We do know for a fact there are Ecometry users out there running Win 7 and having no issues running Visual Link for MPE. But there has also been cases where Visual Link just won’t load on a Win 7 machine, no matter what you do. In fact, one client reported to us buying two identical Win 7 machines from a vendor, on the same order. One machine is running Visual Link just fine. The other; reboots every time you try to run the installer.


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