Looking to extend your software system?

Odin Technologies has remained the leader in providing Ecometry companies support for their system. In addition, we have developed many solutions and integrations to solve the needs of our clients. Below is a list of just a few of our offerings.

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“The only way you survive is you continuously transform into something else. It’s this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovation company.” – Ginni Rometty


Our Automated Receiving System (ARS) allows you to receive Purchase Orders fast and easy. Large PO’s that use to take days to receive, can now be done literally in hours! ARS accomplishes this by taking advantage of UPC codes manufacturers already put on products. As an added benefit you can also customize your product labels with much more information, and even utilize different size labels. The key to this solution is utilizing Licence Plate technology. With a single scan of a barcode, the entire PO and all of the line items on it can be automatically received directly into Ecometry. Contact us today for more information.



ARS will save you time and money! One client reported “Large PO’s use to take us days to process. Now it only takes hours.”

One-Click Tracking

One-Click-Tracking gives you a professional image with every ship confirmation letter you send. It allows you to embed a link in your emails to the specific carrier the order shipped out on, along with the associated tracking number. This allows your customer to ‘One Click’ to track their package. No need to log onto your web site and force the customer to look up their order.






One Click Tracking

Customers go directly to the carrier’s website to track packages. Don’t require customers to log into WebOrder first.

Carrier Track

Our Carrier Track product runs on a Windows PC computer. It allows you to audit all your ‘orders in the warehouse’ by tracking each package with the associated carrier’s web site. This allows you to ship confirm orders the carrier has, but still shows in the warehouse. It even creates a batch ship file to streamline the ship confirm process. 

In addition, you can also audit a date range of shipments. This allows you to proactively find ‘lost’ packages Ecometry says has left the warehouse, but the carrier has no receipt of.


Works with UPS, FedEx, Smart Post A & B and USPS.

Channel Advisor Integration

Channel Advisor is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that enables retailers and manufacturers to integrate, manage and optimize their merchandise sales across hundreds of online channels including Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook and more. 


Odin Technologies has designed a solution that integrates your Ecometry system, directly to Channel Advisor to take advantage of their offerings. We have a solution for both HP3000 and Open systems. 


channel advisor