Where Do You Go For Ecometry Help Now?

Effective June 30, 2015, JDA will end code support for Ecometry on the HP MPE/iX Operation system. This announcement raises many concerns regarding long term support and when JDA will officially sunset the software. The fact is many of the integral resources for Ecometry have already left the company. In fact, we know of no Cobal programmers still working at JDA supporting the HP3000 version.

Perhaps you are on that original version of Ecometry. And maybe you are still running your business on an older HP3000. Maybe you have just been hired to manage the I.T. Department at your company but have no idea how the Ecometry Software works. Where do you go for help?

As an independent 3rd party support company, Odin Technologies can provide your organization with knowledge and support to keep your company running smoothly. Whether you need additional resources to get a project done or are looking to move off of JDA support completely, we have you covered. 

hp3000 support

Whether you call it M.A.C.S., Ecometry, Open Systems or Direct Commerce – We can help you!


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These companies all chose Odin Technologies. We know we can help your company too! 
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