santa gift


Well, today is Christmas Eve 2013. And in the mail, a package arrived from my dear old brother and his family. It was homemade peanut brittle and OMG was it the best! – Thanks, Bro! – And a big Holiday Shout Out to you and Say Cheese Photography So as I savored the crunch salty/sweet gift, I began to think of the best and worst Holiday Greetings I have received over the years.


1. The Generic Card – I hate to get generic, rubber-stamped, holiday cards. You know the ones. It has the look of signatures from many of the employees, but in reality, it is just a photocopy of signatures.

2. Holiday SPAM eMail – Don’t you hate those Holiday Greeting Cards you get via email? I don’t know what is worse; Having to click on a link to actually get to look at the card, or when the company sends a complete list of all their business offerings with it – Just in case you feel the holiday need to call them and buy something as a token of appreciation for all you have spent with them over the year.

3. Sending me a ‘personalized email’ – But addressing me as Mr. Really? You don’t know my real name, but you have my email address. I guess that makes us BFFs?

4. Being (anti) Social with me – So I get a very personal card or email thanking me for doing business with the company. But the kicker is I have never heard of the company. Seriously? Your tying to market to me at a social level, when we have never been social with each other? Let alone done business together?


1. I once received a bag full of nuts – Well not any nuts. They were from the owner’s own personal trees in his back yard. The flavor was great.  And I appreciated the personal time he took to do this.  But the next year a major storm came and wiped out most of his trees. That was one of the top Holiday Gifts from a business associate I have received. I still remember how fresh those things were. I wish his trees were still standing.

2. A Smoked Turkey – Yes, we are talking about a full bird. Enough to feed a family of 6 or more. A business associate use to send me every year a carnivore’s delight. It would land on my doorstep all fresh, and still cold (dry ice). But as the dot com bubble finally had to burst and the cost of shipping went up; Well it is just way too expensive to ship out a bird every year. I still miss the honey mustard he use to send with it too.

3. A bottle of wine – Simple, and you can never go bad with spirits for the holiday!

So what has Odin Technologies given out over the years? Well, for many years I use to bake and send out my homemade Kahula cakes. A family secret recipe (the secret is you have to make your own Kahua). So, a couple of years ago I bottled my own homemade Kahula and sent the bottles out as gifts. In fact, last year I made a batch of Kahula but used Everclear instead of Vodka. Boy, did it have a kick! I think I received the most thank you’s that year. And what about 2013? Well back in July I went into a small, local wine shop and made my own wine. After about 8 weeks, we went back and bottled it, and attached our own custom labels. Then after aging in our wine fridge, some went out to business associates and friends. It was a raspberry wine that was sweet and fruity. Those that have tasted it have loved it. Yes, the wine was a great way to send out a Holiday Greeting, and a fantastic year for us! – Happy Holidays from all of us at Odin Technologies!