hp3000 support


We all knew this day was coming. But it always seemed way off in the future. Well as of today, July 1, 2015, JDA no longer offers code support for the HP3000 version of Ecometry.

The HP3000 continues to this day to be a workhorse. It just runs and keeps on running. Unfortunately as technology changes, the HP has gone the way of the Beta Max. A great product, superior in many ways, but no longer supported.

So where do you go for support of the HP3000 version of Ecometry? Do you stay on Ecometry or shop for a new system? Where do you go for answers? Who do you turn to for help? – Odin Technologies can provide you with independent, third party help so you can have the peace of mind and direction you need to move your company forward.

Our roots were built on the HP3000 version of Ecometry.

We understand the current state of the industry.

We can help you.

Please feel free to contact us. Your answer might be just a phone call away.


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