rip will smith


We recently lost one of the founding fathers of Ecometry. Of course, when the software first came to market it was called M.A.C.S. which stood for Merchandising And Catalog Systems – OH WHAT A SYSTEM! was the original motto.

I recall it was in the early 1980s that I first flew out to the humid Boca Ratton FL to get my first MACS training. The company I worked for was one of the first to purchase this new up and coming software. I remember meeting Will thinking about how his software was going to make my life a lot easier as the I.T. & Mail Order Manager of Creative Computers. It was one of many meetings. Although I have to confess it was maybe only once a year during one of the many user conferences I attended over the next 30 years. – Wow, I guess it has been a long time since this kid out of college attended his first MACS conference.

I will miss you Will.

I learned a lot from you

And I do what I do today because of you and a little piece of software I found called M.A.C.S

Wilburn W. Smith, thank you for all you taught me. You will be missed by myself and many catalogers around the world.

Richard Guerrero
Owner, Odin Technologies