new ERP system


Better Technology Is Out There

Let’s face it, if your existing system is so outdated that it was developed before the internet or does not have seamless email integration, it may be time to research what a new system can do for your company. Does your current system feel like email and URL links were an afterthought and a band-aid was bolted on? If your old legacy system is standing in the way of growing your business, it may be time to purchase a new one.


PCI Requirements

Is your current system meeting today’s needs with PCI requirements and credit card processing? Is there an easy upgrade path for your system with next year’s PCI regulatory requirements? Will your current system support the new Master Cards that will start with the number 2? Does your current ERP vendor even have a plan for these new card numbers?


Your Customer Service Department is Complaining – a lot!

Do your customer service representatives complain that the current system does not allow them to do their job well? This is a telltale sign that your system is needing an upgrade or possibly a full replacement.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

A new ERP system can seem like a huge investment that is out of reach. However, one must look at the true cost of maintaining an outdated system. Is it getting harder to find employees that have the skill set of that old legacy system? Are you finding the only way to get quality help is to outsource to a consulting firm for your day to day activities and upgrades? What was the true cost of missed opportunities last year? As opposed to the eventual ROI with a new system built on current technology?


Your Business Model Has Changed, But Your ERP System Has Not

When you bought that shiny new ERP system 10+ years ago it had all the bells and whistles to do what your business needed to grow and remain competitive. But, times have changed and so has your business plan. Now you find yourself in a situation where those one cool tools and features do not get you what your business needs in today’s market.


Does this sound all too familiar? Do you need someone to talk to about all of this and your options? Give Odin Technologies a call. We can provide you with sound advice based on decades of experience in the industry.


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hp3000 support


We all knew this day was coming. But it always seemed way off in the future. Well as of today, July 1, 2015, JDA no longer offers code support for the HP3000 version of Ecometry.

The HP3000 continues to this day to be a workhorse. It just runs and keeps on running. Unfortunately as technology changes, the HP has gone the way of the Beta Max. A great product, superior in many ways, but no longer supported.

So where do you go for support of the HP3000 version of Ecometry? Do you stay on Ecometry or shop for a new system? Where do you go for answers? Who do you turn to for help? – Odin Technologies can provide you with independent, third party help so you can have the peace of mind and direction you need to move your company forward.

Our roots were built on the HP3000 version of Ecometry.

We understand the current state of the industry.

We can help you.

Please feel free to contact us. Your answer might be just a phone call away.


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Brian Johnson leaves JDA


It is with a sadden heart that we learned Brian Johnson, VP of Sales at JDA has left the company. For over 20 years Brian has been a name in the Ecometry community. He will be sorely missed by all.

We at Odin Technologies would like to wish him the best of luck with his new career move at the Gartner Group. – For those of you who might have missed his announcement, you can read about it below:


Dear Friends:

I am writing to let you know that I have recently been given an awesome career opportunity at Gartner Group, leading the West Coast Supply Chain sales team. I have accepted the position beginning July 1st. The most difficult part of changing career paths will be moving away from the Direct Commerce customers I’ve had the privilege of working with, many of you for almost 20 years! Although it was a difficult personal choice, I leave knowing that you will be well taken care of by JDA Software. Over the past 2.5 years, since the merger of JDA and Red Prairie, we have successfully migrated the Direct Commerce solution set into the core JDA business grouping. Also, as many of you know, you still have executive champions in the organization like Candie Rogers and Tracy Jobbitt. In addition, new JDA executives have come to recognize the importance and value of this customer group and the Direct Commerce product line.

Although I will not be attending the Direct Commerce One Day event, I would greatly encourage you to register and participate in this free opportunity that is focused on you, the Direct Commerce customers. It will allow you to understand JDA’s dedication and loyalty to this product and to you the customer base. Plus it will allow for great networking with many of your peers.

Finally, thank you all for teaching me so much about your business and what is required to be successful. I am humbled that so many of you trusted me with those types of discussions and will be eternally grateful for the partnership we created. Please look for me on LinkedIn in order to ensure we stay in touch.

All the Best,

Brian Johnson
VP Sales, Retail
JDA Software


don Libey dead at 71


Back in the 80’s, I was just a kid getting out of college and not knowing what I wanted to do. I wound up working for the MIS department of a Mail Order Company called Creative Computers in Southern California. Back then you wore many ‘hats’. At one time my business card actually said MIS Manager, Operations Manager, and Mail Order Manager. I had no idea how the decision to work there, running the Mail Order Department, and selling Commodore Amiga Computers, would shape my life. I had no idea eventually I myself would be a consultant too, helping other Direct Marketing companies.

I remember first hearing Don speak at a Smith Gardner & Associate conference. He had a yellow flashlight that had a red expanding tip that he used to point during his presentation. His message was always so spot on. He made us all laugh; sometimes at our selves. He really made me re-think customer service and it changed how I managed my mail order department. He was a great speaker who knew how to entertain and at the same time get the point across to a cataloger. A visionary in his own right.

Do you remember the National Catalog and Operations Forum, NCOF? It must have been the mid 90’s that I attended my first one. And the keynote speaker that year was none other than Don Libey himself. It was during that conference that I decide I had to know more about Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value.- Yep, I purchased one of his books. Remember, there was no Amazon back then. I had to actually pick up the phone and buy it directly from Libey LLC! The book I remember was about $150. And you know what? It was because of that book that I truly understand catalog analysis today. Don really did teach me what I know about RFM. And that book was worth every penny!

I am saddened to hear he past away this weekend. I am sure those of you in the Ecometry community can remember him speaking at a M.A.C.S. conference in Florida in the late ’80s and early ’90s. I remember one of his closing lines at the end of his speech, kind of a mantra to all the catalogers;

“Go forth and multiple”

Don Libey, thank you for all you taught me. You will be missed by myself and many catalogers around the world.

Richard Guerrero

Owner, Odin Technologies

Here is a link to an article in DM News