skymall is falling


Back in the early ’90s, I used to love looking at the SkyMall Catalog while I traveled. It was big and thick and there were so many cool products from many companies. I use to drool over some of the high ticketed items and the unique products. Some I did not know existed.

Over the years I have noticed the SkyMall Catalog get thinner and thinner. While on a recent flight into Chicago O’Hare, I noticed something that made me do a double-take; The SkyMall Catalog was now A LOT thinner! But I also realized that over the years I was looking at the SkyMall Catalog a lot less too. In fact, it was only after watching a couple of free episodes of House Of Cards, courtesy of United’s free inflight WiFi, that I reached for the catalog.

Later, I also found out that in December of 2014, Southwest Airlines stopped carrying the catalog on its planes.

And on January 23, 2015, SkyMall Filed for bankruptcy!

Now many of the companies in the SkyMall Catalog were also users of the Ecometry Software from JDA. And many were also past and current clients of Odin Technologies. Over the years many unique products were sold through SkyMall. You may remember companies like:

Hammacher Schlemmer

Design Toscano


Johnson Smith

Tiger Direct

The Golf Warehouse


The Wine Enthusiast

and the list goes on…

The SkyMall Catalog was a big touchpoint to many in the Ecometry community. And the passing of it has made many catalogers take note. I believe it was the internet and specifically inflight WiFi that took aim at the aging strategies that were once the cornerstone of SkyMall = Your undivided attention during a long flight.

And the bankruptcy did affect our business too at Odin Technologies. While working on a recent migration project to help a client off of Ecometry, we were told the SkyMall Interface would no longer be a development issue for the new system being implemented; Because SkyMall orders were no longer being collected!

So today I would like to raise my glass and toast SkyMall – “Thank you for the years of inflight entertainment. Thank you for the years of flipping through the paper pages of your catalog. I will miss you.” And I may even think of you from time to time, while I use my iPad to entertain myself and shop online during my next flight. (Dang that inflight WiFi)

Richard Guerrero


Odin Technologies

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Here is the cover of the last Catalog SkyMall published

the last catalog