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What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is all the rage. We hear it daily from many different sources. But what really is The Cloud? In simple terms, A cloud-based solution refers to on-demand:
• Services
• Computer Networks
• Data Storage • Resources
• Applications
All of the above can then be accessed via the internet or through another provider’s shared cloud computing infrastructure.
In the old model, your computer-stored everything on a local hard drive which was located inside of it. All your software (apps) and data lived on your physical, local, hard drive. Nothing was directly sharable with other users or computers. There was no network your computer plugged into and no such thing as the Internet. (that came later)

Today’s technology model is different but kind of the same. Simply put, instead of storing things on that local hard drive on your desktop computer, you are now storing and accessing data and programs over the cloud. You have options to store ALL or some of your data and programs (think software or apps) on the cloud. How much you store will be dependent on your specific needs and business requirements. – Keep in mind, the cloud can be thought of as just a metaphor for the Internet.
Here is how things work with a cloud solution.


cloud model


Who Owns The Cloud?
As a whole, no single entity owns the cloud. The reality is the cloud is a huge collection of servers housed in massive, acre-filling complexes spread across the world. Many of these centers are owned by some of the world’s largest corporations. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and IBM all have invested huge sums in creating complexes you may be accessing today. You actually may already be using cloud applications if you use; Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud. The new cloud model essentially means that today much of our data sits on computers we no longer have physical access to like we did before when it all lived in that hard drive on your desktop computer. There are pros and cons to both models. And what you decided to store on the cloud will have much to do with how your business is run and possibly legal responsibilities; Think HIPPA, FIPs, SOX compliance.


What Should my Cloud Strategy Be?
That is a very good question. And the answer for your business may be entirely different than what is right for another. That is why Odin Technologies can offer you a FREE needs analysis. We will identify what your business truly needs and where the technology gaps are. We will then make recommendations and highlight what makes the most business sense and potentially has the highest ROI. We will also show you why those recommendations should help your business grow. We believe technology solutions should not be implemented just because they are fancy or cool. Technology should truly benefit your organization by either:
• Helping your workforce become more efficient
• Growing your business
• Making your brand stand out from the competition

In the end, it is all about the bottom line $$. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule your free needs analysis the first step towards growing your business. 


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