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We receive many calls inquiring about alternatives to the Ecometry Software. As we start the new year, it is hard not to ask: “Is this the year to move off of Ecometry?” This is no easy question to answer. The recommendation to stay or shop for a new system is dependent on many variables. What are some of the driving issues that might suggest a company looking for a new Direct Marketing Software solution?


Technology Requirements
Is your current technology outdated? Are you still on an older HP3000? PCI issues? As technology becomes outdated, it can often leave your IT Department with old and archaic tools, or even missing tools they need to accomplish your business goals. Is your technology group pushing for a new system? – It may be time to see what options are out there!

Odin Technologies can help you select your new system.


Software Vendor Changes
If you look back at all the acquisitions and merges the Ecometry software has gone through over the years, it is hard not to ask what the true impact is to the direction and support of the software. We have already seen a major shift in how support is handled. Is it time to look at alternative 3rd party support as a way to save money?

A support contract from Odin Technologies can save you money and provide additional resources you need today.


Business Requirements
Maybe your company has a new direction it needs to go in order to remain relevant. New business requirements can mean a new or modified process. This can often be the catalyst that forces a company to shop for a new system.

Odin Technologies can help you justify your decision.


Data Management / Analysis
Maybe you have years of information stored in your database. But with that aging dB, are you able to get at the data you need? Or does it often take significant time and energy to get the data out in a manner that is often outside of your companies resource level? Would a newer system with newer tools make things simpler?

Let Odin Technologies provide you with the analysis and help you need.


ROI – Should I Stay or Should I go?
We often tell customers to look at the real cost of staying on an older/outdated system Vs. the true cost of a new system. Does the ROI justify the cost of purchasing a new system?

Odin Technologies can help show you the best ROI for your company. 


How do you choose a new software vendor? Where do you start? That is where Odin Technologies can help. We can provide you with the insights you need by acting as an outside, 3rd party. We are not only an expert with your current Ecometry Software but we have looked at many of the alternatives available. We can help you make that important decision and justify staying or moving off of Ecometry. 


For more information, please contact us today to discuss how we can help your company with this important decision.


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