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We Can Help With Technology

Odin Technologies is a Managed Service Provider or MSP. We help small businesses with technology that will make their organization more efficient. Often times businesses just don’t have the time to identify new technology, let alone resources to implement them. Identifying where you can make changes and improvements is essential to moving your company forward. It’s important to look at what you have in place and where upgrades to your technology might be needed. Here are just a few areas Odin Technologies can provide for your business:

Update Your Business Telephone System

Communication, both internal and from incoming customers is probably the single most important technology you have. But often, businesses limp by with old telephones and maybe even an older phone switch. But by upgrading to a current Business VoIP Solution, your organization can now have access to enterprise-class calling features for about the same monthly rate you are paying now.

Add or Upgrade Your WiFi
We can set up the WiFi for your employees and add a true guest WiFi for your customers. And make sure it is secure too. You don’t want your ‘guests’ accessing your printers or worse seeing sensitive servers or documents do you? Hackers often will use WiFi to infiltrate your network. So updating it and making it secure is vital to keeping your business safe. We can even direct your WiFi guest so when they access it, they are sent to a special web page with your company information on it. Talk about branding!
Install Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Setting up a NAS in your office will allow your employees to access ‘shared’ files and folders. In addition, it can be set up so each person has their own private directory for only their files. How about a special ‘read-only’ folder that contains your standardized forms, policies & procedures, or maybe pictures/video of the last office holiday party? We will also go over the huge benefits of setting up your NAS as a RAID. With a properly configured RAID, if a hard drive goes out, you will not lose your data!
Backup Design & Strategy
What is your current back up strategy? Many organizations just simply don’t have one! And it is not a matter of ‘if’ your hard drive will fail but ‘when’. We can analyze your true data needs and help design a backup strategy that makes sense to your business users. And as your data needs grow, we will advise you of the best practices to keep pace with it.
Move Your Business to the Cloud
The Cloud – it’s all the rage. But what is the cloud? Is it safe? Does it live on my desk, my phone? Is it in my computer? Can I access it if I don’t have internet service? What if my office burns down? Should I have a back up ‘in the cloud’ for disaster recovery? How do I access that backup? Odin Technologies will take the time to sit with you and explain in plain English what all these terms mean and provide you with the best options to meet your current and future business data needs.
Business Software Analysis
Are you using the software you currently own to its full potential? Chances are your specific market has specialized software that helps you run your business. But is it the best software for your business? Are you sure? Are their add on’s that might help with some of your business pains? Or maybe 3rd party options we can help integrate with your current software. We can navigate the technical and marketing jargon that many software vendors throughout and make recommendations that are not only cost-effective but have an ROI that makes sense to your bottom line.
Plan and Install Networked Security Cameras
Today there are many options from simple Ring Cameras to IP Cameras. However, with IP cameras you can store all the recorded videos at your office and access it when you need to. Remember us talking about a Business VoIP Solution? Some of the higher end VoIP phones have LCD displays on them. We can set them up so your phone acts as a monitor. EXAMPLE: You have a locked door in the back where you receive deliveries and an IP camera is watching said door. The delivery person presses a button (think doorbell) and your desk phone rings and displays a live video of who is at your back door. Press a button on your phone, and the door unlocks and lets the delivery person in. How is that for technology working for you!


These are just some of the solutions we offer. So what are you waiting for? – Make the move and have Odin Technologies manage some or all of these services for you. Contact us for a free needs analysis today!


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