new ERP system


Better Technology Is Out There

Let’s face it, if your existing system is so outdated that it was developed before the internet or does not have seamless email integration, it may be time to research what a new system can do for your company. Does your current system feel like email and URL links were an afterthought and a band-aid was bolted on? If your old legacy system is standing in the way of growing your business, it may be time to purchase a new one.


PCI Requirements

Is your current system meeting today’s needs with PCI requirements and credit card processing? Is there an easy upgrade path for your system with next year’s PCI regulatory requirements? Will your current system support the new Master Cards that will start with the number 2? Does your current ERP vendor even have a plan for these new card numbers?


Your Customer Service Department is Complaining – a lot!

Do your customer service representatives complain that the current system does not allow them to do their job well? This is a telltale sign that your system is needing an upgrade or possibly a full replacement.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

A new ERP system can seem like a huge investment that is out of reach. However, one must look at the true cost of maintaining an outdated system. Is it getting harder to find employees that have the skill set of that old legacy system? Are you finding the only way to get quality help is to outsource to a consulting firm for your day to day activities and upgrades? What was the true cost of missed opportunities last year? As opposed to the eventual ROI with a new system built on current technology?


Your Business Model Has Changed, But Your ERP System Has Not

When you bought that shiny new ERP system 10+ years ago it had all the bells and whistles to do what your business needed to grow and remain competitive. But, times have changed and so has your business plan. Now you find yourself in a situation where those one cool tools and features do not get you what your business needs in today’s market.


Does this sound all too familiar? Do you need someone to talk to about all of this and your options? Give Odin Technologies a call. We can provide you with sound advice based on decades of experience in the industry.


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